The best Buskers

The Hello Europe adventure has came to an end, and with it we found fantastic buskers!
You voted and elected the winner! Very soon we will announce the winner! Thank you!

  • Eva
  • Raycho
  • Paoli e Alahamba
  • Omar Valcarcel
  • Juan Gratiniano
  • Damir Querep
  • Chris Ian
  • Zagreb Trio
  • Yoshiwara
  • SoRyang
  • Bohemian Bards
  • Chicken Joe
  • Jazz No Problem
  • Imad Fares
  • Willy Blake
  • Alexander Kornev
  • Raoul Pawelzik
  • Sara Serodio
  • Charity Children
  • Puto Production
  • Rob Falsini
  • Skill Dealers Crew
  • Joris and Mathis
  • Fernando Ramalho
  • Luís Reis

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What is Hello Europe?

Hello Europe aims to find, promote and reward the best street artists!

Hello Europe is a cultural Adventure where we will find the best street artists and buskers in Europe! Besides the promotion and visibility we are going to give them, we are giving you the opportunity to elect the best ones! And in the end they will be rewarded! That's why we need your help!

“With so many undiscovered talent on the streets, wouldn't be great if we could find, share and reward the best buskers around Europe? And from that thought came up Hello Europe!” We want to find all kinds of street artists, musicians, painters, jugglers, and a lot more of those amazing artists that give color, sound and life to our cities!

Celebrity Endorsement

Hello Europe counts with the special support from well known portuguese celebrities!

Click on each photo to watch the special videos they did to support our project!

  • Hello Europe - Bárbara Guimarães
  • Hello Europe - Nuno Norte
  • Hello Europe - Valete
  • Hello Europe - HomensLuta
  • Hello Europe - Joao Blumel
  • Hello Europe - Andre Nunes

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